Six Fortune 500 Companies I Won't Buy Shares of

       When you start investing in the stock market you will definitely hear " Buy the blue chip stocks "- But that does not always work out.. In a changing economical landscape it is important that your investments change with the times. You don't want to get stuck investing in a company because of their past performance. It's important to see what the company has planned for the future.

Staying on top of the stocks you own should be a daily thing.. If you don't stay on top of them you may end up losing all of your gains.

There's a few stocks specifically that were once called "forever stocks" that dropped significantly in the last two years.. Here's a few stocks I won't own for one reason or another.

1. General Electric (GE) 
       Okay, this one may seem A bit obvious.. But shares have dropped 60% since the end of 2016. It's not A coincidence that the shares have dropped significantly along side their revenue. In fact- between 2014 and 2017 assets are down 71%, cash and cash equivalents are down 38% and net income is down 133%. They have only been profitable one out of the last three years. They are still paying a massive dividend out.

       Their total revenue was 35 billion in 2017.. They paid out over 8 billion dollars in dividends that same year. That's 22% of all revenue.. And that does not include the operation costs.

       But I wouldn't count General Electric out long term.. If they can focus more on churning out profits and less on keeping dividend investors happy.. they still have a great upside with one of the most reputable company names in the world.

       Plus they have a new CEO that has a track history of turning around failing companies.

2. Ford (F)

       Another stock that was once called one of the best long term investments in the market is down big this year.. Down 30% in five years and 19% in the last 365 days.. Ford has been struggling. For me this is simple. They don't pass the eye test. Their products are not a good as they used to be.. they have become complacent and boring. While other brands have been innovative and creative, Ford has settled for "good enough". I may be the only one that thinks this- but I am not the only one not buying their cars.. All numbers across the board are down. The United States is their biggest market and this market has heavily swayed towards Honda and Toyotas. Only one of the top 10 best selling cars in the United States is a Ford.. Only 2 out of 10 are American car brands.

3. L Brands (LB)
       Despite dominating the market share for women's intimate apparel. L Brands (Victoria Secret, Pink and Bath and Body Works) has not been able to capitalize. Victoria Secret has been a massive failure in the last couple of earnings calls. Even when wall street gives them low expectations they still fall lower than expectation.

       They yield a ridiculous 7.5% dividend. Which with failing sales- Will eventually have to be cut. Then, depending on the state of the company I may reconsider. But when A company is more concerned with dividends than using profits for something that will help the company.. that's an issue.

4.  Fed-ex (FDX)

       I actually like the current financial health this company has. I won't invest in the company for one simple reason- Speculation.

       Eventually Amazon will look to continue to cut costs and ship their own products and cut out the middle man out. That middle man if Fed-Ex.

       Even though I don't think losing Amazon as a customer alone will heavily damage their profits.. I do see Amazon saying "We are already shipping other our own products, why not ship on behalf of other customers."

5. Twitter (TWTR)
       I want to give Twitter some props.. They have been steadily growing and it look a lot like Facebook did back in the day. But the issue is- They simply aren't Facebook.. They have not been able to grow like Facebook- They are not involved in our every day lives the way Facebook is.

       When you consider that Facebook has expanded to Instagram and WhatsApp- they added features such as stories (Sorry Snapchat), Facebook marketplace (Sorry Craigslist), Facebook TV (Some Netflix competition?), They have instant payment methods similar to Zelle or Venmo.

        And Twitter has.. 160 character tweets.

6. Netflix (NFLX)

       Netflix is one of the hottest stocks of the last decade.. And it's for good reason. They basically invented video streaming (Or at least made it popular). For years they have not had any competition.. I mean sure Roku and Hulu have been a thorn in their side but that's it.

      So what happens when A real large cap stock wants to compete in the growing streaming industry? Disney, Apple, Amazon and Facebook have already announced they will be starting their own digital streaming services.

      Can Netflix actually compete with some of the largest companies in the world?

       It's possible. But my money is on Ol' reliable.

7. Tesla (TSLA)

       As a bonus- I will tell you four reasons why I won't buy shares on Tesla- And three reasons I would consider it.

Four reasons I won't buy shares

1. They can't produce enough products
2. They can't sell enough products to make money because of number one
3. Elon Musk is the smartest man on the planet that lacks common sense
4. They spend more than they make.

Three reasons why I'd consider it
1. Elon Musk is the modern day Nikola Tesla
2. If production comes around.. Watch out.
3. They aren't afraid of being innovative.
4. Elon Musk didn't even inhale the weed.

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