My Thoughts on Square, Roku, Etsy, GoDaddy and Planet Fitness

       Saying these stocks have had a great year would be an understatement ... Square is up 124%, Roku is up 150%, Etsy is up 165%, GoDaddy is up 65% and Planet Fitness is up 80%... Obviously, this growth is not sustainable. But can they continue to grow?

 1. ETSY

My only regret with Etsy is that I didn't invest in it quick enough. Since their chief executive officer took over the stock has been a juggernaut. They have been able to grow revenue in a massive way while reducing their total debt. They have competed very well against other E-commerce platforms. In their last conference call, they announced they will be increasing their selling fee by 40%.  A 40% increase in their largest revenue stream is massive and I am completely sold on this company long term.

I won't go on forever about why I like Etsy since I already wrote an entire article on why it's my biggest investment. You can read it here:

2. Square 

Square has had a ton of hoopla surrounding them this year, they busted onto the scene of payment processing and have not looked back. Making it easier for small business' to accept credit card payments, helping with payroll and employee resources there's no wonder why people love this stock. It's a stock that could be around for a long long time. They have not yet been able to turn profits on a consistent basis- but they are well on their way.

3. Roku 

Roku says they are the pioneer in streaming for TV. Essentially they sell devices that allow your TV to connect to your TV so you can watch your streaming services.. Such as Netflix, Sling TV, PBS ETC.

I simply don't see the vision for this company. I don't see how they are going to be profitable. The only way I can see this company being profitable in the long-term is if they have a partnership with one of the massive companies that are coming out with a streaming service.. Such as Wal-Mart, Facebook, Apple and Disney.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy helps people have an internet presence. They help people register domains, create and host their websites. They have turned a profit for the first time ever in 2017 and have been trending in the right direction every year for the last four years. Aside from just the net income- they also have more money spent on research and development, assets have grown, they are investing more in the long and short term.

I like the direction of GoDaddy

5. Planet Fitness

This one may be big due to the massive growth in subscription base stocks... But I do believe they are the premier gym. They have more locations than any other publicly traded gym. Of this list, they have the best balance sheet. They have seen large increases in revenue and assets over the last three years and debt is manageable.

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