My Stock Portfolio

      On average the S&P 500 gains about 8% in value a year. For some people, the 8% is not worth the risk, for others they see it as easy money. For me, I'm in the middle. I have a conservative stock portfolio. About half of my money is in ETF'S such as VOO, SPY, and QQQ.

       The other half is mostly built on the blue-chip and large-cap stocks. But I do like to dibble and dabble on smaller cap stocks if I see a good opportunity arise. With about $10,000 in the market, I have seen double-digit returns this year and I am overall happy with the upcoming forecast of my portfolio.

Here is how it breaks down by industry...

Technology- 50%
Finance- 29%
Services- 22%

Obviously, I am very tech-heavy- Which is risky but has given me good returns. Nonetheless, I am looking to diversify more across other industries. However, I would rather be heavy in one industry for companies I truly believe in rather than being diversified in companies I have doubts in.

Either way, I am mostly invested in large-cap stocks.

88% of the stocks I am invested in have market caps over 100B
The lowest market cap of all my companies invested in is 5B. Still considered a medium market cap.

All but one of my companies made it'd IPO greater than 5 years ago.

All but two companies pay a dividend

Here's a break down of the actual companies I own.

Facebook (FB) with an average cost of 169 this seemed like a no-brainer. This is one of my favorite investments. I won't go into details but I have previously written an article on why I like Facebook. You can see it here.

With a cost basis of around 169- I own 11 shares for a total of $1859.

Etsy (ETSY) has become my favorite investment of the year... my only complaint with this is I wish I got in this stock earlier. I have a cost basis of $40... I bought 52 shares for $2100

Again I won't get crazy into detail about this but I did write an article for this one as well.

Apple (AAPL)
Cost basis of 190 x 10 shares

Microsoft (MSFT)
Cost basis 101 x 11 shares

Visa (V)
Cost Basis 134 x 4 shares

Wells Fargo (WFC)
Cost basis 52 x 19 shares

Huntington BancsharesIncorporated (HBAN)
Cost basis of 14.88 x 50 shares

Nike (NKE)
Cost basis of 80 x 4 shares

Proctor and Gamble (PG)
Cost basis of 81 x 6 shares

Pepsi (PEP)
Cost basis of 112 x 2 shares

Paypal (PYPL)
Cost basis of 85 x 6 shares

I'm happy with how my portfolio is set up, but I am looking for an open opportunity that is not tech related.

A few companies I sold too early

1. WWE, held in March
2.  GoDaddy, Held in April
3. Apple, I sold a large portion of Apple to buy more Facebook.. I think in the long run it will pay off. But I would have loved to hold my position

A few companies I bought at a bad time... 
1. L Brands,  bought a few days before their double-digit fall... Luckily I didn't have to much sink into it.
2. All penny and speculation stocks.. I tried my hand early this year on playing speculation and crappy penny stocks... I learned my lesson.3. Alibaba, I am possibly looking to get back into this stock.. However- I bought high and panic sold when it dropped.

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