Facebook (FB), upcoming earnings on October 30th

Apple (AAPL), upcoming earnings on November 1st.

Amazon (AMZN), upcoming earnings on October 25th

Netflix (NFLX) 
       Netflix delivered strong earnings for quarter three, revenue grew by a billion dollars from quarter three of last year. Cost of revenue rose but revenue growth outpaced it. They are invested heavily in their intangible assets... Which has increased nearly 5x since quarter three of 2017.

       They crushed EPS, reporting $0.89. Easily beating the expectation of $0.68

       Total net income is up 250 million since last year, that goes up alongside the 3 billion in licensed content.

       But what was most impressive was the fact that they added 7 million new domestic memberships and over 19 million new international members.

       The one concerning piece of information they released is the forever growing debt... Which is growing at a massive rate.

Alphabet INC. (GOOG)

Googles parent company, Alphabet INC. announced earnings after the bell on October 25th. Shares dropped as much as 7.6% during after hours in large part due to their miss on revenue which came in at 33.7 billion- that is compared to the 34.04 billion consensus estimate. They are still up 24% in revenue for the year.

but despite falling short on revenue- they still crushed EPS. They reported an earning per share of $13.06, beating the estimated $10.44. 

As always- Googles ads accounted for 86% of revenue, the 86% accounts for nearly 29 billion in revenue.

The "other" 14% of revenue came from its cloud business and hardware sales. The "other" revenue hit 4.64 billion, which is up 30% this year.

Their spending continued to increase, mostly for research and development- as you would expect from a company like Google. 

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