Cleveland-Cliffs CEO Tells Analyst to Commit Suicide

       Cleveland-Cliffs operated as a mining and natural resource company. Led by CEO Lourenco Goncalves- they had a very .. umm... interesting interaction with Goldman Sach's analyst Mathew Korn on Friday after releasing earnings. 

During the conference call, he went off on a tangent after he said that Korn gave his company faulty profit estimates. Goncalves said " It's not like you don't understand our business... You don't understand your business. " 

I understand that an analyst can sometimes be annoying .. especially when they say something negative about a company that you're invested in.. But the CEO of the largest iron producer in North America probably just went too far. 

He went on to say that Korn is a disaster and that his parents should be ashamed of him. However- he did add his next three things he wants to accomplish as the chief executive officer.

1. He wants to reward long-term stockholders, which he has.. the stock is up nearly 50% in 52 weeks. 

2. He wants to initiate a stock buyback program.

3. He wants to " Screw analyst so badly that they can't just resign but they have to commit suicide " 

I myself have been on the back side of a stock dropping because of an analyst giving it a negative rate. But I've also been on the flip side of that and saw a stock go up 5% because of an analyst. 

Either way, I don't think I would have gone this far- specifically on a conference call that anyone in the world could hear.  

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