Aurora Cannabis Will be Traded on the NYSE This Thursday

       Cannabis stocks have caused a lot of hoopla in 2018, they have been one of the most volatile industries on the market. One of the most popular pot stocks- Aurora Cannabis will finally be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. But who are they? Can they finally emerge as the clear-cut leader in the weed industry?

        Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is a Canadian based company that is led by CEO Terry Booth. They are often referred to as the Berkshire Hathaway of pot stocks, due to their history of investments. But besides selling pot and making good investments.. what do they do? 

        Well, in 2017 they acquired BCNL and UCI- two companies that develop and sell systems to help people make their own cannabis. With recreational usage becoming legal in Canada- and it becoming legal in more and more places, they have a massive untapped potential to not only sell pot. But to help people make it.

        They aren't just stuck in Canda either, they already have an agreement with Germany, Italy, and Australia to supply medical marijuana.

          They are one of the only profitable pot stocks on the NYSE. They have grown their net income from hundreds of millions in negative income- to 70M+ in profits, they have expanded their investments, they have lower cash and cash equivalents than a few years ago. But that's because they have been paying down debt on a massive level.

           I usually invest in companies long term- I like to invest in companies that have a long history of being profitable, innovative and have the safety. Even if this company does not have that yet. I do believe in this company long term to emerge as the pot favorite.


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