My Thoughts On The top 20 Stocks Millennial Own

       The millennial generation represents individuals born between the year 1981 and 1997. Historically, millennial's have saved more than any other generation- with an estimated 71% of them saving for retirement around age 24, that beats out Gen X's (people born between 1961-1981) median of 30 years old. Despite 1 in 6 millennial's having $100,000 (According to Bank Of America better money habits survey) in their savings- they have not explored the stock market as much as past generations.

       It's no surprise why millennial's have not invested. When they became of age- It was during the 08-09 housing market crash. When the S&P 500 lost about 57% of it's value. But as investing becomes easier for middle class people thank's to phone applications that offer free no commission trading. Millennial's have been investing more and more. But they have not taken the same traditional investing routes that Generation X and baby boomers took. Here's what I think of the 20 most bought stocks by millennial's.

20. Chesapeake Energy
Okay, not a good start for millennial's. Chesapeake Energy (CHK) is a penny stock priced at  $4.50. They are a priced at $4/Share for a reason.  Since 2014 revenue is down 13 billion, assets are down by 28 billion. But on the bright side- Income has been profitable for the first time in three years.

Rate- Sell

19. Disney 

Disney(DIS) is a solid blue chip stock- I was actually kind of surprised millennial's are buying into what Disney is doing. With a massive slew of brands including ESPN, Pixar, ABC, The Disney Channel, Disney cruise line and Disney land/world it's no surprise how they have been able to amass a massive amount of assets. They are currently yielding a 1.5% dividend along with decent growth- I like Disney long term. They have proven to be innovative while maintaining

Rate- Buy

18. Square 
Square(SQ)  has been the hottest stock of the year.. but in my opinion they are still a bit speculative.. they have not had a long history of being profitable. But revenue over all has shot up dramatically over the last few quarters.

Rate- buy with caution

17. Micron Technology 
A company with a low profitability.. But profitability non the less.  I like the potential of this company in a growing space. As long as they can co exist with the Chinese government they have the capability to prosper.

Rate- Watch

16. Alibaba

Often refered to as the Amazon of China- they have been able to grow into a massive company. I don't see them stopping either. Right now I would buy and hold it for a few years. They are currently effected by the trade "war". But in the long run it will be resolved

Rate- Buy

15. Amazon
I won't go into to much details. But Amazon (AMZN) has been on of the fastest growing companies ever and I don't expect it to stop. They could be the first multi trillion dollar company.

Rate- Buy, Buy and Buy

14. Tesla 

Despite Elon Musk being in trouble with the SEC I like Tesla(TSLA). They have not shown profitability yet. But once they are able to mass produce vehicles- watch out.

Rate- Watch and wait to buy

13. Nvdia
Probably a little over valued for my liking. But I love this company and the technology they put out. They are one of the most innovative companies in the world with some of the best employees.

Rate- Watch/Buy

12. Bank Of America
Bank Of America (BAC) is a solid long term investment. They have not shown much growth but are certainly set up to be a nice long term stock to hold. They pay a dividend and are one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. With A decent balance sheet I would hold on to BAC.

Rate- Hold/Buy

11. Snapchat

I don't understand this one at all.. Not profitable at all. Competing with Facebook and Twitter.. Declining users, Declining income, rising debt. Sell. Sell. Sell

Rate- Sell

10. Netflix
For me, this is a decent short term investment.. 1-2 years max. They have dominated a space with literally no competition. But it won't always be like that.  A few other streaming services are emerging in the space.. And they are monstrous companies to compete with.. Including Apple, Disney, Facebook and Amazon.

Rate- Hold/Sell

9. Twitter
I just don't see twitter being able to compete long term with Facebook. It's that simple.

Rate- Sell

8. Facebook
With over two billion active users. A well diversified portfolio of apps, a slew of high roller advertisers.. I love Facebook it is currently my second biggest position in my portfolio.

Rate- Buy


A company that had a golden ticket and blew it. They had all things going right and management blew it. I don't believe in this company or management until they can prove to be successful.

Rate- Sell.

6. Fitbit
Okay, this one is a bit interesting.. If it wasn't for Apple and Samsung it would be a buy. Before they came around- Fitbit was profitable and owned the majority of market share.

If for some reason Apple and Samsung botches wearable tech.. I may be interested again.

Rate- sell, but watch for competitors

5. Advanced Micro Devices

Another chip/tech developer that is able to change the way technology works. Good financial statements. Good management and over all a good company to invest in

Rate- Buy

4. Microsoft
One of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world.. Even if they aren't the growth monster they were back in the early 2000s... I'm okay with that, They still grow at a good safe clip, pay a dividend and are not afraid of innovation.

Rate- Buy

3. Ford
Other than the dividend.. Why?

Rate- Sell

2. General Electric

Refer to number 3.... why? other than the dividend these companies are showing no growth, no innovation.. they have become complacent and boring.

Rate- Sell

1. Apple
Simply the safest investment out there. They have so much market share.. cash.. dividends.. great management.. innovation..  They check all the boxes for me.

Rate- Buy

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